07 January 2012

I've got invited by my blogger friend, Khing to go and test out food~
My first thought, WHY NOT?
Meeting up with a group of bloggers, who going to test out the selected food! YAY~
The environment, is like student hangout area. or even relax "yumcha" hang-out-place-to-be.
Very spacious, and Peace.

The menu, wow, It's mixed style cafe. got Malay/Chinese/Western/Italian... erm... Here's the Menu
We are all very super excited about it, and it's made us curious how does the food taste like!
Here you go, it's all totally from my taste buds, and this is how I feel with the food in my stomach~

Pineapple Fried Rice
Tastes differentl while you are serving with the raisins.
It's not weird, as in it's totally blending in, your taste buds will notify you, "OH WOW! Got Raisins!!"
This was how I felt after having my 1st bite and continue chewing in my mouth.

Frankly speaking, the fried chicken on your dish, it smells good, and best thing is, tastes good as well!!
If you don't like it, call me, let me finish up the dish for you! it tastes good that much, seriously~

Nyonya Curry Laksa

For those who unable to eat hot&spicy noodles, this may be a choice of meal.
It looks spicy, but, when u have your first sip of the curry, hmm, you will me your hand move and
start eating up the whole bowl of it.

To me, I find it different when I'm having this curry laksa one bite by one bite compare with continuous bites..
My recommendation, don't stop! Just continue, you will taste it wholy!

Fried Italian Noodle
It somehow looks like Fried Hokkien Noodle, at my first sight. But, when I look carefully, the noodle type used is different!
It's using spaghetti noodle to fried with black soy sauce with green chili, some vege, chicken slices and etc.

It tastes differently when the green chili is in your bites, it's not so oily.
If you are one of the superb-flavours lovers, this may be your choice! Try it~

- - -

WOW! Seriously,. there are more food for youi to choose! 
I just don't have any idea which one to choose, if I would only allow to choose one!!  XD

I'm a food-monsta, I will eat everything and will comment on my taste-buds! 
Habis man!!

Cheesy Chicken Bowl Rice

Signature Sandwiches

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Special

Yong Dao Fu Soup

Yong Dao Fu Dry

Thai Fried Mee Special

That's what I could say. What say you? Let's go!