Aroma of Coffee • 咖啡之香味

30 October 2011

Sometimes, you do not need to have a sip of it, you already know it's just right!

It's a pretty special Saturday, which it started up with a call of GATHERING! It's super duper impromptu, whereby my lovely blogging group decided to meet up in KL.

1st Round, Pipit Market, at Annex Gallery with Bear & Fei, Khing, Jchan, Connie, Summer & her friend.
- Rushed there to meet them.
- Everyone was like 1st time meeting up each other ~ Haha, it's cool because some of us actually never met each other before(maybe from blogs yes, but in real life, nope d[ˆ-ˆ]b ) yet we are all under 1 family, aren't we?

2nd Round, Pavilion meeting Shan sis, Christine and Sasa, wow!
- ChitChat madness over there. Talked almost everything!
- Vincent was unable to attend, claimed that he got informed too last minute d! LOL~

3rd Round, Dinner with Jchan, Bear & Fei
- Steamboat/sushi buffet at Suki-Ya.
- Eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat...... and EAT!!! Damn, there goes my slimming plan. I just can't stop myself from those tasty Japanese food!!

4th Round, StarHill with Jchan.
- Walk around to avoid the stupid traffic
- Bringing Jchan to see where KL still have some place which is, comfortable and class.
- Well, it's true that StarHill is a nice place to hang around but not spend around, at least for now(my current status ^^)

Due to this "avoid traffic jam" plan, caused Jchan stucked outside Carrefour car park. I definitely had to wait him to assure his safety, it's my plan! Lastly, he got his car and drove back. He said, "No more Carrefour stupid car park next time. Stupidly let me wait for 1hour."

A coffee I've ordered, cleared my mind and refreshed me up!

Oah.. What a day~

Read below, it's the conversation before I left my seat.

Me : eh! Who moved my coffee cup?! 
Waitress : Sorry sir, we are closing. Thanks for coming.
Me : Damn... Thanks for your services too~ Nice coffee you had for me just now. Though I had not finished it at all. Its aroma just make my night. 
Waitress : Really? Thanks. Do come again ya.
Me : Will I? Maybe... We'll see~ haha~ Let me finish this post first.
Waitress : ... (Speechless)
Me : (Thought) You should wait, it's your job. XD

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